The solution for people with allergies. Clinically tested and awarded the ECARF seal.

Simple, but brilliant – the AllergoProtect technology

Conventional bedding

We are permanently surrounded by allergens – especially in bed. We inhale the positively charged allergens when sleeping. People with dust mite allergy react to this with symptoms that feel like a cold, blocked nose and irritation of the throat to asthmatic attacks.

The consequence is poor sleep as if you were actually suffering from a cold.

The magnetic force of AllergoProtect

The duvet, the mattress protector and the pillow feature negatively charged particles that attract the positively charged allergens like a magnet and are proven to bind them until the next wash. You can enjoy a calm and relaxing sleep.

Very simple, yet highly efficient!

Hygienically clean after washing

When the bedding is washed, the allergens are fully released and washed away to give you a fresh duvet, pillow and mattress protector free from allergens. This physical effect will not be washed out, so that people with allergies get utmost sleep comfort – permanently.

Our washing recommendation: Wash your AllergoProtect bedding at 60°C whenever you feel that the effect is wearing off.

All advantages at a glance


Technology with patent pending

Fights off allergens for a relaxed sleep.


No biocides

Allergens are bound in a merely physical principle


Efficiency proven in clinical tests

AllergoProtect was awarded the ECARF seal


Can be used without encasings

Utmost sleep comfort for people with allergies


Breathable duvet with perfect thermal physiology

No being cold or sweating because moisture does not collect under the duvet so that the temperature remains constant and pleasant




100% made in Germany

An excellent product

After more than two years of development, Centa-Star launches a sensation in the bedding market with a duvet for people with allergies that binds allergens like a magnet. With the purely physical principle of AllergoProtect, people with allergies can now also enjoy all the advantages of a lightweight, soft and breathable duvet without restrictions. AllergoProtect was clinically tested in a study with subjects suffering from dust mite allergy, examined by the Hohenstein Institutes and was awarded the ECARF certificate ( and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I.

Allergy-friendly quality tested by ECARF

About 15 % of all Germans are allergic to house dust mites. The ECARF seal is the only international allergy seal and addresses people already suffering from allergy as well as customers who want to prevent allergies. This seal has been granted by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation in Berlin since 2006 as a label for allergy-friendly products and services.

Centa-Star’s promise of quality

AllergoProtect underwent the comprehensive testing of the Hohenstein Institutes to have its quality confirmed in all five categories by an independent body. The result is that AllergoProtect convinces with premium quality in the fields of “skin-friendliness”, “medically tested”, “breathability”, “dimensional stability” and “ease of care”.


The OEKO-TEX test criteria are being revised year after year going far beyond current legislation and directives. The “STANDARD 100” label shows consumers that a textile product is harmless to health. Class 1 is the most demanding product class for textiles with intensive skin contact for babies and toddlers. It is only granted to products that remain below especially stringent limits.

The “carefree” package for your healthy sleep


  • Cover fabric:Super fine cotton percale (100% cotton) with anti-allergenic finishing
  • Filling:AllergoFill microfibre fleece with anti-allergenic finishing (100% polyester)
  • Finishing:Length stitching to fit body, premium piping
  • Washable up to 60°C


  • Cover fabric:Super fine cotton percale (100% cotton) with anti-allergenic finishing, quilted with Allergofill microfibre fleece with anti-allergenic finishing (100% polyester)
  • Filling:Four separate inserts, cotton percale (100% cotton), quilted with AllergoFill microfibre fleece with anti-allergenic finishing (100% polyester)
  • Finishing:Quilted casing with zipper, inserts for individual height adjustment

Mattress protector

  • Cover fabric:Super fine cotton percale (100% cotton) with anti-allergenic finishing
  • Filling:AllergoFill microfibre fleece with anti-allergenic finishing (100% polyester)
  • Finishing:Quilted lengthwise, fixing straps
  • Washable at 60°C